Installing tensorflow-gpu, CUDA 10.0 and cuDNN for Gtx 1080

So following my own successful installation on my Razer Blade 15 with NVIDIA GTX 1070 (Max Q), the word spread..

My friend invited me to help install Ubuntu, dual booted with Windows 10, on his MSI GT63 Titan 8RG with a sweet ass 1080 GTX GPU. So being confident as hell giving my own success, I thought it was easy peasy pie.. But no. Apparently for the 1080 it requires different drivers. 

We had some issues trying to install tensorflow 1.8.0 GPU with CUDA 9.2 and cuDNN 7.1.4, which resulted in tensorflow gpu actually working fine, BUT the NVIDIA drivers installed along the way were not functioning on the GPU, which led to a 800×600 constant resolution. #lofi

So instead we had to go for CUDA 10.0, which seemed to work out fine for the NVIDIA 1080 GTX. was once again the saviour with this amazing tutorial

Thanks fam <3 

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