Dual boot on Razer Blade 15 – Windows 10 / Ubuntu

So just got the new Razer Blade 15, and to set it up for both creative stuff (e.g. ableton) and machine learning I decided to make it dual boot between Ubuntu and Windows 10.
Googling around it looked like it could be trouble for the new Razer Blade to install Ubuntu, but following this tutorial on youtube it was actually pretty straight forward. A few glitches apeared, but managed to install it without errors.

After installing Ubuntu on 100 Gb partition on my C-drive I needed to set up the NVIDIA graphics drivers. One quick search gave me this tutorial, which easily helped me set up the system with the NVIDIA drivers. One thing to add though, is the fact that you need to specify “sudo apt install nvidia-drivers-390” instead of “nvidia-390”.

Now off to install CUDA and tensorflow-gpu to make sure future tensorflow models will run on my new kickass GPU.

Praise be.

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