Through my internship last semester, me and Andreas Refsgaard created this fun project called together. Our initial thoughts was to make a whole website, just filled with AI-generated items. Items that would confuse the hell out of the visitor because it would look real, but not. 

After some brainstorming and playing around with different models and datasets, we finally came up with the idea of an online bookshope, where ALL content would be generated by Artificial Intelligence. 

This means that both author names, book titles, descriptions of the books, reviews, reviewers, book covers and content would be made by AI. 

We ended up having a lot of fun and learning quite a lot of the different artsy ML algorithms out there. ended up becoming an online bookstore which sells science fiction novels. From the description on the website:

Through training, the artificial intelligence has been exposed to a large number of science fiction books and has learned to generate new ones that mimic the language, style and visual appearance of the books it has read.

None of the stories, titles, descriptions, book covers or reviews related to any of the books on has been written or designed by humans.

All books on are for sale on and can be ordered as printed paperbacks.

The stories, titles, description and reviews of the books were generated using char-rnn-tensorflow and training data from and Project Gutenberg.

The covers for the books were generated using Progressive Growing of GANs and training images from OpenLibrary.

Images of people reviewing the books were created using transparent latent gan.
A model that calculated prices for the generated books was made using regression with feature extractor and training data (book covers + prices) from

The project is made by Andreas Refsgaard and Mikkel Thybo Loose.

Snapshots of the website showing some of the AI generated books

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